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SolzRBM- Student Management System is a Modern Technology Framework for managing an RTO business and not just an RTO management software that was built for someone else!
SolzRBM meets all complex new challenges that RTOs face today.

Highly Flexible & Customizable

Business Processes Automation for Operational Efficiency

Fast Deployment & Seamless Data Migration

Extensive Training & Ready Resources

Full Compliance Platform: Meet audits with confidence

360° RTO View & Reporting

Dedicated Team for Support

Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

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SolzRBM Highlights


SolzRBM is a unique RTO student management system that automates all your vital processes across functions of student recruitment, academic operations, compliance and reporting. It brings the flexibility and the architecture to evolve into a true “Student Centric RTO”.
A Complete CRM

Manage complete Student Lifecycle.Comprehensive Support for  Marketing, Student Recruitment, Services and Academic Operations

User Friendly Academic Management

Simplified Class &  Batch Creation, Batch Enrolments, Timetable & Attendance

Effective And Extended Messaging

Instant messaging with integrations for Emails and SMS (texts)

Personalized Templates

Email & Document Templates, Document Generation that you can create, save and reuse

Next Gen Business Intelligence

Intuitive Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting at your fingertips

Extensive Integration

Integrates completely with systems like MS Office, USI, Moodle, Xero, Digital Signature and a wide variety of 3rd Party Apps & Tools

Smart & Integrated Finance Automation

Manage financials for On-Campus, Fee-help, Scholarships, Fee Transfers, Agent Invoices and more

Seamless Student Onboarding

Extensive features for CRICOS Enrolments, On Campus, Online, VET in School, Apprenticeship and more with intuitive workflows for RPL, Credit Transfers and Fee Transfers

Unified Contact Management

Unified view for all  Contacts like Students, Agents, Staff, Trainers, Vendors & Coordinators

Optimize Daily Functioning

Easy Access & Productivity-Notes, Tasks, Appointments & Activities on your calendar

Enhanced Access With Portals

Enhanced Access with Self Service Portals and Mobile Apps for Staff, Students, Trainers and Agents

Integrated Document Management

Manage documents with full meta tagging and search ability

Comply With Confidence

Ready to use AVETMISS Reports, Fee Help Reporting and State Reporting to meet your reporting and audit needs

Extensive HR Management

Efficient management for Employee Recruitment, Employee On-boarding, TimeSheets , Payroll Processing and Appraisals

An On-Demand Solution


With SolzRBM you can be sure each and every one of your stakeholders are able to work without interruption and will always be using the latest technologies. With a cloud based solution, you will have seamless upgrades to meet the newest standards for CRM systems. Your staff, students and partners will be able to access their system anytime, anywhere and you can be sure they are always seeing the most up to date information.
RTO Management System



The management, staff, marketer & administrators, students, agent partners and academics can plug into one platform to work on one consistent set of student data in real-time. It is enabled with flexible cloud and on-premise deployments to solve the problem. It is completely scalable to suit small, medium or large RTO organizations.

Marketing, Sales & Student Recruitment

– Marketing calendar &  scheduling
– Multi-channel campaigns
– Lead scoring and nurturing
– Social listening and engagement
– Enquirers and applications
– Offer management services
– Admissions – onboarding & orientation

Manage & Track Business Performance

– Set Goals, Targets & Manage KPIs
– Achievement and Incentives
– Agency / Broker Management
– Commission Management
– Course Price List Management
– Business & Marketing Intelligence
– Custom Tracking Dashboards & Reports

Legal and Compliance

AVETMIS Compliance
– USI-Unique Student Identifier
– Data Audits &Verification’s
– Policy Enforcement


– Course and Subjects Management
– Credit Transfers
– Batch Allocation
-Student Attendance
– Assessment Grading  & Certificates
– Student Progression

Finance & Fee Management

– Student Payments & Fee Structures
– Payment schedules & processing
– Invoice and receipt generation
– Pay online (payment gateway) integration
– Reporting

Human Resource

– Recruitment
– Academic Matrix
– Staff Management & Performance Appraisal
– Time sheets
– Payroll Approval System

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Ready for all Challenges

SolzRBM Tested and Proven RTO Consulting Services

SolzRBM- RTO consulting services is designed to meet the requirements of the widest variety of programs and academic model offered by RTOs in Australia. SolzRBM- Student management system & Framework can be customized to meet the requirements of all RTO offerings, even for any custom programs and practices you choose to stand out as an RTO.

ELICOS providers can leverage SolzRBM’s intelligent data logic to overcome challenges of frequent weekly intakes, batching, enrollments  and course completion and tracking, based on your RTO’s schedule and academic calendar.


Track and manage  Apprenticeship Programs and  reporting requirements with dedicated portals for Apprenticeship Students, Trainers and Employers.

VET Student Loan

Meet all requirements of tracking and reporting of VET Student Loan information and other AVETMISS requirements.

VET Student Loan

Link and sync to the CRICOS portal to register,  update or generate CRICOS numbers and data for foreign students.

Fee for Service

Manage Fee for Service student records and information. Maintain differential price lists, discounts and credits for Fee for Service Students.

Fee for Service
Higher Education

Meet Higher Education course delivery and information reporting requirements like HEMIS with data trails and flexible report generation.

Higher Education
VET in School

VET in School providers can leverage strong features for batching , course delivery and batch replications apart from integrated reporting and batch processing requirements.

VET in School
Short Courses

SolzRBM makes Short Course Administration a breeze. Manage your sessions, tickets, presenters, venues and reporting. SolzRBM automates manual processes and makes common everyday tasks easy.

Short Courses



SolzRBM is built on the latest platform that can continuously catch up with the evolving technology. SolzRBM allows flexible deployment on Cloud or On-Premise to minimize TCO. It leverages to deliver a consistent, responsive and personalized student experience to drive revenue growth, staff productivity and compliances to VET LOAN, AVETMISS, USI, CRICOS, ASQA and other regulatory requirements.
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the industry leading enterprise business platform (ERP & CRM) and is leading the way in innovation and usability across the globe. The Dynamics 365 platform offers companies a unique set of productivity tools and automation across sales, marketing, customer service and extended relationship management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the core of  SolzRBM  framework.

HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap

Fully responsive portal can be  built using the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap that works initutively  on variety of devices and form factors. SolzRBM utilizes these technologies to build, deploy and maintain self service Portals & Apps for Students, Trainers and Agents.

Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft.It provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, where end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on any information technology staff or database administrator PowerBI enabled on SolzRBM  transforms your RTO’s data into rich Dashboards and Infographics. Added drill downs and  interactivity enables quick & precise data intelligence so, that you can focus on what matters to you.

Online RTO Management System

Futuristic Platform

SolzRBM is an intelligent system built to work with RTOs to ensure compliance and student satisfaction go hand in hand.
Machine Learning

Sentiment Index

Know your student’s sentiments

Preferred Program

Find student’s program enrollment probability

Student Drop-Out Indicator

Improve Retention Find students at risk


Online RTO Management System
Chat Bots

Automated Student Service

Digital Assistance – Handle Q&A and FAQs from student

Personalized Follow-ups

Personalize follow up to increase student engagement

Teaching Assistance

Proactively provide relevant content based on universities

Huge knowledge base

Online RTO Management System

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