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SolzRBM Is Now AVETMISS 8.0 Compliant

The Soluzione IT Services product SolzRBM is now compliant with Avetmiss 8.0. Complete Comprehensive Student Centric RTO Management System “SolzRBM” latest version 4.0 meets all the requirement to be an Avetmiss 8.0 Compliant Software. It has also been listed with NCVER-AVETMISS Compliant software register. For the primary registration requirement, it is a must for all […]

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Leveraging CRM Technology to Differentiate Your RTO

An RTO offering the same qualifications as its competitors face a persistent challenge not being able to differentiate itself? Also in today’s competitive scenario, all prospective Students expect colleges and universities to demonstrate clear value around the education they offer and deliver to those who enrol in their programs. A competitive Business strategy makes an […]

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Implementing Student Surveys with SolzRBM

Every change brings in challenges as well opportunities. The ASQA standards and audit guidelines intent to dive “student centricity” can be seen as an opportunity. RTOs need to distinguish themselves from the ordinary, by maximizing communication and engagements with students. A potentially effective method that is being deployed by RTOs, TAFEs and tertiary institutions — […]

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Soluzione’s Services a Promise to Our Customers

We at Soluzione, take pride in our work. Our work and products speak for itself, with over 200 many years of experience and over 50 satisfied clients, we strive to make you successful through solutions that simply work. Our teams are passionate and love what they do, so you can be sure that you will […]

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The Smarter Solution To RTO Management

Soluzione’s RTO Business Management (SolzRBM) is an end-to-end completely scalable, integrated and user-friendly solution that allows institutions to build, automate, execute, and track their entire business processes. SolzRBM is an all-new cutting-edge enterprise business solution for managing an RTO operating in Australia. Soluzione brings a fresh approach to manage and automate Australian RTO businesses. While […]

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Are You the Type of RTO Whom SolzRBM Can Help?

In Australia, RTOs are public/private organizations that facilitate VET (Vocational Education and Training) offering Training and Qualifications or Statements of Attainment which are recognized/accepted by industries and educational institutions. Only RTOs can deliver nationally recognized courses and accredited Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) VET qualifications. The levels of qualification and training offers by RTOs are Vocational […]

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Modern RTO Software to keep you ahead

Are you deciding to buy a new RTO software or design and develop your own RTO Software solution? Read on to strike the right balance of functionality and features to take you RTO ahead of the game and it doesn’t have to be a risky, time consuming and expensive option after all. Custom designed your software […]

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SolzRBM:Power BI driven Data Visualizations to keep RTO Managers Ahead

RTO managers and leadership always want to be on top of their Admission pipelines and ensure the student admission teams focus on the tasks and priorities and be responsive to the the applicants queries and requirements. A common expectation of all RTO managers is that the Student Management System should enable to provide a high […]

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Introducing Solzrbm.com.au (and our brand new website!)

Hey today is a big day our history of Soluzione IT Services. Our brand new website of our product and solution framework for Australian RTOs is now live and buzzing. We’re now introducing the User guide and product documentation SolzDocs on the same site as well. The site elaborately lists the features, modules and integrations […]

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Education CRM for RTO

Education CRM When it comes to sales & management, CRM is the coherent topic to make discussion. But now it is demanded in RTO’s also for better management in processes. CRM solution cultivates meaningful operations in an institute in time bounded manner. CRM for educational RTO’s is a need of modern times for customized workflow […]

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