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Modern RTO Software to keep you ahead

Are you deciding to buy a new RTO software or design and develop your own RTO Software solution? Read on to strike the right balance of functionality and features to take you RTO ahead of the game and it doesn’t have to be a risky, time consuming and expensive option after all.

Custom designed your software does not has be too risky and too expensive. Recent developments in CRM and WEB technology makes it possible to deliver a personalized experience to your students and staff yet at the same time implement functionality, workflows, reports and notifications that are unique to your business.

If you choose to follow your competitors and adopt the same software solutions, with the same style and branding what would be your differentiation and advantage over others.

RTOs train and assess students to develop and improve their skills play a vital role in the economy. At the same time, they have to compete with each other for students and be complaint to ever evolving standards and regulations. Branding can build perceptions but IT systems, learning delivery and functionalities deliver true student experiences.

So how does an RTO strike a balance between branding and functionality that uniquely positions your RTO without the crazy risks, interminable delays, resources and the hefty price tag generally associated with custom designed RTO software?

SolzRBM is a unique RTO student management system framework that automates all your key processes across functions of student recruitment, academic operations, compliance and reporting. It brings the flexibility and the architecture to evolve into a true “Student Centric RTO”.

A Complete CRM

Manage complete Student Life cycle. Comprehensive Support for  Marketing, Student Recruitment, Services and Academic Operations.

User Friendly Academic Management

Simplified Class &  Batch Creation, Batch Enrollments, Timetable & Attendance

 Effective And Extended Messaging

Instant messaging with integrations for Emails and SMS (texts).

Personalized Templates

Email & Document Templates, Document Generation that you can create, save and reuse.

Next Gen Business Intelligence

Intuitive Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting at your fingertips.

Extensive Integration

Integrates completely with systems like MS Office, USI, Moodle, Xero, Digital Signature and a wide variety of 3rd Party Apps & Tools.

Smart & Integrated Finance Automation

Manage financials for On-Campus, Fee-help, Scholarships, Fee Transfers, Agent Invoices and more.

Seamless Student On boarding

Extensive features for CRICOS Enrollments, On Campus, Online, VET in School, Apprenticeship and more with intuitive workflows for RPL, Credit Transfers and Fee Transfers.

Unified Contact Management

Unified view for all  Contacts like Students, Agents, Staff, Trainers, Vendors & Coordinators.

Optimize Daily Functioning

Easy Access & Productivity-Notes, Tasks, Appointments & Activities on your calendar.

Enhanced Access With Portals

Enhanced Access with Self Service Portals and Mobile Apps for Staff, Students, Trainers and Agents.

Integrated Document Management

Manage documents with full meta tagging and search ability.

Comply With Confidence

Ready to use AVETMISS Reports, Fee Help Reporting and State Reporting to meet your reporting and audit needs.

Extensive HR Management

Efficient management for Employee Recruitment, Employee On-boarding, Time Sheets , Payroll Processing and Appraisals.

Additionally, you can present your brand and your business rules across Course design, schedules, timetables, enrollment processes, invoicing, payment options and reporting.

Most of the things you would want to customize are customization at no additional cost. One can also implement and test new functionalities in a sandbox in minutes. Then when can implement them on your production server when perfected without risks.

SolzRbm can be further customized to accommodate new workflows, audit trailing and custom apps with minimal and quick development efforts. SolzRBM runs on Dynamics 365 CRM consisting of the database, business logic, web services and User Interface. That way changes can be isolated to one layer at a time, making them easier to change without significantly and unexpectedly affecting other layers.

Each layer can be independently tested and verified, assuring better quality and minimizing risk. We also use modern styling and branding technologies that make styling attractive, easy and consistent across the interfaces, apps and web portals.

SolzRBM is an innovative and highly flexible solution built on latest technology. With a proven implementation, training management foundation and a team of professional accredited engineers to develop ands support. It is a cost-effective solution, which is optimized to help you stand out from the pack and meet the unique needs of your RTO without risks or expensive TCO.

Why not consider SolzRBM as your new automation and Student Management Platform.