Implementing Student Surveys with SolzRBM

Every change brings in challenges as well opportunities. The ASQA standards and audit guidelines intent to dive “student centricity” can be seen as an opportunity. RTOs need to distinguish themselves from the ordinary, by maximizing communication and engagements with students.

A potentially effective method that is being deployed by RTOs, TAFEs and tertiary institutions — is to measure student satisfaction by way of online surveying. Surveys are an excellent method of gathering feedback and increasing student engagement levels. Implementing online surveys require a range of pedagogical and technological interventions designed to strengthen training, assessment and evaluation metrics.

SolzRBM is a Dynamics 365 CRM driven platform supports measuring and maximizing student engagement through the use of surveys.

Choosing between Personal Interviews Vs Surveys 

Many studies suggest that face-to-face interviews are the most expensive surveying option for continuous feedback. Often, poor interviewing methods can introduce additional errors into the surveying process. Further, new research suggests that interviewees may be inclined to give overly polite, and in some cases, false appraisals of an RTO in a personal interview. Online verifiable Internal surveying’s primary advantage is that information provided by students can be directly used as evidence of student satisfaction in the event of an audit by ASQA.

Survey Types 

A rich insight into the temperament of students and of trainers prior to the commencement of a course can be provided by ‘Pre-course surveys’. SolzRBM can host and initiate a channel of student engagement that is invaluable for obtaining further data as the student progresses. Similarly, an ‘Early Stage Feedback Survey’ provides trainers and the RTO with critical insights into student satisfaction during the initial weeks of a training program. ‘Course completion surveys’ and ‘Post-course evaluation surveys’ provide RTOs with sets of data that detail student satisfaction and any potential improvements that could be implemented. The effective use of surveys is precisely the mechanism that ASQA plans to utilize to conduct their audits. The ability for RTOs to quickly, cheaply and accurately administer surveys themselves will effectively put them one step ahead of any ASQA auditing process. SolzRBM can implement such survey mechanism quickly and seamlessly. Respondents can take Online surveys on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Source of Data & Intelligence

Internal surveying also creates an invaluable source of student data that can be used to continually improve services and boost compliance. Student Survey Capabilities in SolzRBM can create and send out Voice of the Student for Dynamics 365 surveys to gain valuable feedback from students about courses, teaching or services. One can see students’ feedback history as One work a sale or resolve a service case. When a student completes a survey, one can use rules to trigger follow-up actions that occur immediately. For example, if a student answers a survey question that indicates an interest in one of the qualifications or courses, the system can generate an application or enrollment request and assign it to a sales staff.

Or, if a student replies with a complaint, the system can create a new case and route it to the right queue for prompt handling. One can also send a survey automatically when a case closes, to track how satisfied is the student with the service they received. The survey analytics included with the Voice of the Student for SolzRBM solution help one use student feedback to identify gaps in student experience, run targeted communication campaigns.