SolzRBM Is Now AVETMISS 8.0 Compliant

The Soluzione IT Services product SolzRBM is now compliant with Avetmiss 8.0. Complete Comprehensive Student Centric RTO Management System “SolzRBM” latest version 4.0 meets all the requirement to be an Avetmiss 8.0 Compliant Software. It has also been listed with NCVER-AVETMISS Compliant software register.

For the primary registration requirement, it is a must for all RTOs to collect and report AVETMISS data. SolzRBM guides RTOs to meet all the compliance requirements and helps you pass the audits. SolzRBM offers a list of publicly available student management system and data entry tool that makes it an Avetmiss Compliant software and helps you to have a best one for your organisation.

Why have Avetmiss Compliant Software?

The Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS), is a national data standard which ensures the consistency and accuracy of the vocational education and training (VET) information about students. If you have a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that reports student data and receive or willing to receive government funding then it is necessary that your system generates error-free student record. SolzRBM enables you to create error-free student-related records which can directly be submitted to the government and the files submitted are the Avetmiss NAT files.

Why SolzRBM is Best RTO Avetmiss Compliant Software?

Soluzione IT Service brings a fresh approach to manage and automate RTO business with SolzRBM which is an all-new cutting-edge Enterprise Business Solution for RTO management in Australia. SolzRBM has exceptional features which elevate it from every other software.

SolzRBM supports AVETMISS 7 and 8 both. Data elements specifically applicable to its latest version and are marked with “AVETMISS 8 only” remark. SolzRBM meet all its requirements like :

  1. Tracking and Reporting of VET Student Loan information
  2. Easy Access of AVETMISS Reports
  3. Submit Error free NAT files
  4. Fee Support Reporting and State Reporting to meet your reporting and audit needs


SolzRBM supports AVETMISS Reporting module which is a part of Legal and Compliance module that is intended for compliance team or people responsible for reporting AVETMISS data for various kind of programs. Following link have a completely comprehensive guide which directs through the complete AVETMISS Reporting system.


In addition, the distinguishing features of SolzRBM that make it distinct from every other RTO management software are :

  1. Single Sign-On
  2. e-Signing
  3. Document Management
  4. Multiple Stakeholder Portals
  5. HR Functions
  6. Project Management

A SolzRBM implementation can transform an RTO into a true “Student Centric” and responsive organization, distinctly preferred by students and yet delivering performance for now and future.

The Management, Staff, Marketer & Administrators, Students, Agent Partners and Academics can plug into one single platform to work on one consistent set of student data in real-time. With flexible cloud and on-premise deployments, the solution is completely scalable to suit small, medium or large RTO organizations.