As a rapidly growing organization, AIPE required an all in one solution for their systems which could be utilized by all internal and external stakeholders. AIPE needed an all in one comprehensive platform to automate various day-to-day operations.

 “Working with Soluzione has created a streamlined environment for multiple aspects of our business which has ensured a smooth operational structure” – John Luhr, Business Operations Manager


Soluzione analyzed and interpreted AIPE’s needs and developed a one-stop solution through Microsoft Dynamics 360. Microsoft Dynamics 360 captured all aspects of the organization flow including student enrolments, student management, accounts, marketing, sales and support. Soluzione also developed automation to streamline aspects of all areas of the business and help make work more productive. We were able to develop web-based portals for students, agents and staff through integrating Moodle (student learning portal) into Microsoft Dynamics 360.


As a result, we integrated a platform to automate various day-to-day operations. These included sales module, student services, finance module, academics module, business intelligence, statutory compliance and reporting – VET FEE-HELP, AVETMISS, HE FEE-HELP, human resources, self-service portals for students, academics, agents and online student enrollment.

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