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SolzRBM:Power BI driven Data Visualizations to keep RTO Managers Ahead

RTO managers and leadership always want to be on top of their Admission pipelines and ensure the student admission teams focus on the tasks and priorities and be responsive to the the applicants queries and requirements. A common expectation of all RTO managers is that the Student Management System should enable to provide a high level view and also a drill down on all the data and variables at a granular level if required. The advanced find features in Dynamics 365 CRM allows rapid query and reporting of a complex data and apply various drill downs without development time and when the data sets are connected to Power BI rich data visualisation features take the visual presentation and query of a data to a new level.

Typical Use Case of Realtime Dashboards:

RTO admission managers often want the realtime dashboard and records of their Sales Person for the students’s applications, of students are interested in the Courses. They often want to verify that how many of students finally enrolled in the courses beneath of Sales Person.e.g. Sometimes a Sales person have 10 student applications in a week and after some period none of them enrolled in any courses. So this needs to be verified by the administrator. To achieve this SolzRBM enables a custom creation of dashboard using Power BI & provided the features:

  1. Graph consist of applications with respect to sales person.
  2. Graph consist of all the student courses with respect to application and sales person.
  3. A date filter where user can filter data by year, month, week, and day.
  4. On click of application bar regarding sales person another graph shows the statuses of applied courses.
  5. User is able to see the student couses with the course statuses SolzRBM- RTO student and business management framework brings a fresh approach to manage and automate RTO operations. While most RTO student management software packages claim to automate processes, only very few deliver the flexibility and architecture to keep evolving to deliver true “student centricity” and growth automation.
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