SolzRBM,BUsiness Management services,Student centric

Switch to SolzRBM–Deliver Performance with Superior 360-degree Student Experience

SolzRBM is an all-new cutting edge Enterprise Business Solution for managing an RTO operating in Australia. Soluzione IT service brings a fresh approach to manage and automate  RTO business. While most RTO software claim to automate processes only very few deliver the flexibility and architecture to keep evolving to deliver true “Student Centricity” and Growth Automation.

Technology & Deployment

SolzRBM is based on latest cutting edge technologies which works on desktop, tablet and mobile. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other complementing technologies power SolzRBM. Available as an on-premise or in-the-cloud solution, SolzRBM delivers the elasticity of implementation choice to evolve the mission effectiveness of RTO organizations of all sizes now and into the future.

How To Implementation 

We work closely and professionally to partner with clients over the long-term to help them achieve their business objectives. We understand that installing a new enterprise management system is a challenging project therefore we have adopted some guiding principles for smooth and seamless implementation.


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